Memory Palace , photo by Emily Moore

Memory Palace, photo by Emily Moore


As a female first generation Japanese-American, I am attempting to realize and balance how these different qualities affect my art and my identity. My lineage has become the foundation of my identity, just as interlacing structures are the foundation of my work. Although not all of my pieces are specifically about my roots, they never cease to be apparent in my work.

Interlocking structures, whether in a knit or in handmade paper, is what informs my material choices. The process of creating my own fiber elements to work with is crucial to the layers of the conceptual development of my work because of how it refers to the two cultures I grew up in. After working with the structural possibilities inherent within each material, I push it a step further by using my own hand to instruct the form. By pushing the possible relationships between form, material, and textile processes, I create work that allows me to explore my ideas about self-identity.